How to go further concerning W4M resources ?

To go further, you can participate to the yearly Workflow4Experimenters international course. You can also reach slides of the previous session following this link https://workflow4metabolomics.org/howto

Are there any face-to-face training sessions for W4M resources ?

Workflow4Experimenters international course takes place every yeay. During this one-week course (entirely in english), you will learn how to use the W4M infrastructure and analyze your own LC-MS, GC-MS, or NMR data. Morning sessions will be dedicated to methodology and tools. Afternoon sessions will be devoted to tutoring.

How to get access to W4M tools ? (How to request an account ?)

To get access to the W4M tools, you need to create a W4M Galaxy account using the dedicated registering page: https://workflow4metabolomics.org/account
The registration is free. Once your account created, you will have your own personnal login and password to access the W4M Galaxy instance at the following link: https://galaxy.workflow4metabolomics.org
This Galaxy instance gathers all the W4M tools presented in this opencourse, and even more! There is no need to download any software, you can process your data using directly the web interface once logged-in. Enjoy!

What are the prerequisites to follow the W4M part of this open-course ?

  • Skills in NMR spectroscopy or Mass
  • Spectrometry are needed to understand preprocessing and annotation steps.
  • Basic statistical analysis knowledge can be useful  although not mandatory

How long does it take to complete MetExplore training ?

The complete MetExplore training takes 45 minutes and 16 seconds in 4 steps  :

Course Section Duration (min)
MetExplore - Metabolic network content 00:12:54
MetExplore - Metabolomic data mapping 00:12:19
MetExplore - Pathway based analysis of metabolomics data 00:09:21
MetExplore - Network based analysis of metabolomics data 00:10:42
Total duration 00:45:16

How long does it take to complete the W4M/LC,MS training ?

The complete W4M/LC,MS training takes 54 minutes and 54 seconds in 5 steps :

Course Section Duration
W4M/LC,MS - Upload files 00:05:13
W4M/LC,MS - Pre-Processing 00:14:16
W4M/LC,MS - Processing 00:12:48
W4M/LC,MS - Statistical Analysis 00:09:39
W4M/LC,MS - Annotation 00:12:58
Total 00:54:54

How long does it take to complete the W4M/RMN training ?

The complete W4M/RMN training takes 46 minutes and 51 seconds in 5 steps :

Course Section Duration (min)
W4M/NMR - Upload files 00:03:10
W4M/NMR - File Reading & Pre-Processing 00:11:21
W4M/NMR - Processing 00:13:49
W4M/NMR - Statistical Analysis 00:09:39
W4M/NMR - Spectra annotation 00:08:52
Total duration (min) 00:46:51

Are there any other online training courses designed by your community ?

Yes, we have developed a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) in French, on the FUN MOOC platform : https://www.fun-mooc.fr/courses/course-v1:cnrs+136001+session01/about

Is there any training in French ?

Not at the moment. The specialized tools are in English, so the training is also in English

How to ask a very specific question related to training?

Please visit the Contact page

How to propose an improvement or new content ?

Send an email to: fabien.jourdan at inra.fr

How to contact the team ?

Please visit the Contact page

How to report a problem on the site ?

Send an email to : fabien.jourdan at inra.fr

How much it costs ?

It's completely free of charge