• 25W4M/LC-MS - Upload files1
  • 27W4M/LC-MS - Pre-Processing2
  • 29W4M/LC-MS - Processing3
  • 55W4M/LC-MS - Statistical Analysis4
  • 31W4M/LC-MS - Annotation5

W4M/LC-MS - Upload files


How to import the input dataset within the Galaxy instance ?
Explain what is a Galaxy Dataset Collection ?

At the end of the course, you will be able to import your dataset.


List of softwares :

  • 7zip
  • Cyberduck (or WinSCP or Filezilla)

Import your data is the first step in an analysis but is not so trivial.

  • Import the "Raw" data in "DataSet Collection 
  • Import the SampleMetadata Sheet
  • How to use those data in the First steps

Uploading dataset within Galaxy isn't so complicated. Upstream, it's necessary to well describe the experimental plan in the sampleMetadata.

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